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Originally posted by Bob

this is adrienne. i'm not going to lie to you. i don't really like adrienne. she's a bitch. she's also 17. i think she sells drugs, too. i'd buy some shrooms off her, but they're expensive, and also, she's a bitch, so i don't trust her.

also, my teeth are a little whiter since this pic. i've been working on it, i swear.
Odds are bobby if you put a good railing to her she'll be giving you your shrooms for free, just a little tip from the halantor, #1 when it comes to hustling the drug game AND pimpin bitches ont he regular.

when the beef's on,
Santana gon ride out,
car still rollin hop out glock out like
"you should never argue with a crazy mmmmmmman"

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