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Originally Posted by zippo View Post
2 weeks seem like very little time for your feelings to have changed so extremely about the situation. if you could do whatever you wanted, how would you like the situation to be?
Well I've been thinking about it for four months. And I do feel like there was an extreme drop off in the intensity of my infatuation. Maybe because work got more challenging, and before I had too much headspace for obsessing. Plus he has been advancing and withdrawing to an irritating degree. Bringing up hanging out, but never confirming. Putting all the impetus on me.

Practically, I would like to not have involuntary physical reactions to the kid's voice and presence, and to be able to have a normal friendship like I do with other men.

If I could do whatever I wanted...there is no good answer. He probably loves his girlfriend and has a good relationship, just like I love my boyfriend and have a good relationship. It's confusing.

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So wait, this guy is driving around in his jeep with his cat and his television in the back and he's got his favourite music blaring away and... I think I've missed the point.

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