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Default Re: Book pages 513 and 518

Originally Posted by pesto pizza View Post
AH states that the hard drive for HSC part one was left on a boxcar in a small maroon and purple duffel bag with gray piping on the sides, somewhere outside Missoula, Montana.
Is this a joke, l just can't tell?
Pretty sure it's a joke. SDIG (so dumb it's good -- or whatever the acronym was. Don't have the book in front of me right now.)

Despite what the book says, they clearly for real, had a different version of part 1 ready to go before Yauch got sick, and before they brought in Zdar. I'm not convinced they ever actually had a "part 2" recorded or even planned. I think they just saw an opportunity to remix part 1 and thought it would be funny to fuck with us, so they changed the name to Part 2.

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