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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

Hi. I live in the northern parts of sweden and have published some music under the pseudonyme Vänliga jättar. I have mostly worked with a japanese singer/MC called Saori and we have aimed to make inovative dancefloor oriented music. But the intrest from radioprograms and labels aimed at such things has been smal(although most festivals aimed at such has been quite intrested). Instead the pop/indy scene became intrested. The paper Sonic published one of our demos and wrote a one pager about us. And the radioshow P3 pop(P3 is the youth oriented radiochannel in sweden) has played our material and listed us as the curently best group for several months in 2004. I have sended out material to several cluboriented labels but to no prevail. I reckon i should send to indylabels instead but i know nothing about that scene so i dont know where to send our material.

Since last summer i have mostly made raggajungle, dancehall and raggacore. A more experimental raggacore mix on hey you fuck off will be put online later but for now i put up this more laid back hiphopremix of Time to give which will be up for something like 4 days. So download it while you have the chance.

Pressinfo about me and some more tracks:
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