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Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post
Check it out, you want science, you have , oh but it is on youtube, must be a biased source of info,right?
This is why youtube is a poor source of information you would be better of reading the study itself ( The video shows that mercury is harmful to brain cells – a fact which is not in dispute.

What is misleading is for this to be presented as being relevant to the vaccine debate. The ingredient in Thimerisal is not Mercury (Hg) but Ethylmercury (C2H5Hg+). They have similar sounding names but are not at all the same thing – for example Chlorine (Cl) is a highly toxic substance however Sodium Choride (SaCl) is table salt.

The video itself is not misleading but it has been given a title ‘Mercury in Vaccines Cause Brain Cell Damage’ which is very misleading as Thimerisal does not contain the substance used in the video. You will note that the narrator refers to Mercury in the context of tooth fillings not vaccines suggesting a legitimate video has been hijacked by an anti-vaccine nut.

And has I have pointed out repeatedly, Thimerisal is not used in vaccines anymore. You do not need to take my word for this – this information is freely available to everyone.

So as you can see, the youtube video has been mislabelled to mislead the viewer and I repeat the need to use caution on youtube.

Let us be clear – (Pure and toxic) Mercury is not in Thimerisal. Thimerisal is not in western vaccines.

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