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Arrow Re: i miss talking shit with random strangers on the internet

Originally Posted by TurdBerglar View Post
oh, there's this really bohemian lesbian college town up the river. it's like a place were you'd go to get a skirt made of hemp and then get your tragus pierced and get some obscure vinyl records. it has a real problem with douchebags pan handling. probably the same type of douchebags. the town put in these really ornate benches and then they had to take them out because the panhandlers would claim then as their own and fight over them and the people walking around shopping and stuff were getting accosted.

it's a cool place to go to if you don't mind being around white kids with dreadlocks playing hacky sack. you can get dirty looks if you're not cool enough though. but that's part of the fun because they're all a bunch of pussies.

it's really fun to go there with your ghetto ass puerto rican friends with their nikes and 80 dollar jean shorts and scare the shit out of these kids.

I'm going off, getting paid and I don't ask why

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