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Default Re: Album Commentary VIDEOS

Originally Posted by brooklyndust View Post
Holy shit, I think this is the closest we are ever going to get to a vault!

Talk about a rare treasure trove.

Just from skimming it quickly, some stuff I have never heard before or have but only listened once and had a trouble finding again:

- Audio from the Liverpool Riots from '87
- A remix of Squat with De La Soul
- Audio of almost the full show from Glasgow '99 (song for the man, the move and unite included)
- Breakdowns of the different sections of songs for No Sleep, Gratitude and Sabotage (from the site back years ago, but don't remember No Sleep)
- Instrumentals from LTI I didn't know existed (ie. Girls).
- Demos (I don't remember 4 demos for Shake Your Rump)
- Live bootlegs I have never seen before.
- Nice collection of their live punk covers.
- Soundboard recordings of a lot of song.
- Collaborations
- Tons of Rare Money Mark Stuff
- Scores from stuff Beastie Boys have done on film (Gunnin' for that number one Spot and others) This last one is like unreleased instrumentals.
Originally Posted by tuc70021 View Post
Yeah I don't know who Beastie Boys Collection is, but even some of the really die hard collectors I know are impressed by the breadth of their collection. For the past few years I've noticed really rare / previously unheard stuff popping up on YouTube, and it's always Beastie Boys Collection. If you're lurking here, thank you for this absolute treasure trove.
You're Welcome
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