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my girl likes franks not pork n beans
i'm gonna wax that girl right out them jeans

always loved this opening, hearing mca come in hot right from start. rest of track is meh but in a nostalgic good way. don't remember when i first heard but it was around the time i was really diggin for lost LTI era cuts like desperado, scenario, rock hard, beastie groove, etc. prob between '89-92. at the time i wanted more LTI sounds so bad i think i would have ranked i'm down much higher than what i think of it now. now i would be more excited for anything around the CYH/IC era's now since that really seems to be the apex of owning their lane. and maybe more from HSC time since horovitz said that felt like '94 again. i'm just not sure there's much left, so many good b-sides have officially been released from CYH/IC era i can't imagine there is much left above and beyond the stoner jams they've referenced a few times.

thank you adam adam & mike

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