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I went to the Brooklyn show last night and it was an incredible experience. But through all the laughter, and there was a LOT of that, I had a lump in my throat the entire night.

As I walked up Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn, I realized this was THE best place to see them, as the I passed "Bimbo Nails" and a few hole in the wall chicken joints and a couple of storefront churches, the neighborhood reminded me of what so much of New York used to be like. To me it not have been a more fitting place for this. And like a beacon and portal into another world, I could see the grand marquis from a distance as I approached:



Right then it I realized I didn't think I'd ever see such a sight again. It made me giddy to relive the experience of walking into a BBoys show once again, a feeling I put away since I guess the day Yauch died. And as I approached it hit me that when I was a kid I never in my wildest dreams thought they'd become the institution they became, that we'd be looking at their lives in this museum-like way. The glass cases containing these incredible pieces of history and all the stoners, NY hip hop kids, school cafeteria punk table gangs now all grown, looking with reverence upon these relics of our past - did any of us imagine this day would come?

And as I waited for my guest to get inside, I just stood there taking it all in. Not the memorabilia displays, or the looooong awaited book that had just been handed to me, not even the beautifully ornate venue - it's gorgeous on the inside - but the PEOPLE rolling in.. all with smiles and joyful looks on their faces. So many familiar faces, I even met a few people I've known over the years, but just generally I recognized SO many people from the countless Beastie Boys shows and events through the years. These were the now grown up kids we were around all those times. I occurred to me that this might be he last time I ever see these people who all share the love for all that is Beastie Boys all in one place. I have never before wanted to just walk up to random 'stranger' and hug them like I did last night. We all grew up. We all made it through. It was bittersweet.

Of course, there was the occasional whaft of pot here and there and most everyone was dressed like they probably did back in the day but I overheard so many bits and pieces of stereotypically adult conversations like, "gotta get home to the babysitter" or "not tonight, I gotta get into the office early".. that it made both sad and happy. Sad because this is what I never wanted to become but happy that through life and the Beastie Boys I learned to embrace growth. Thank you, guys for leading the way. Thank you.

A little FUCK YOU to the chick who yelled out "CREEP!" (more than once!) as Adam told the story and sincerely apologized for the way they let go of Kate. That was so cowardly, childish and unnecessary. He smoothed right past it just fine but I really wish she hadn't done that.

The show was in-fucking-credible, filled to the brim with stories, jokes and anecdotes in a way that felt like that dream we all have of hanging out with them in what felt like a very casual way. I hope that it's being filmed for those who don't get a chance to see it like because it's a really special, one of a kind experience. I'm so glad I went and so grateful for the opportunity to see it in the company of this group of fellow bboys and bgirls

Beastie Boys Forever.
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