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Default Re: The Family Album

and the moment y'all been waiting for:

for the ladies and lovers of fro this is the latest:

so here the story of how me and audrey met:

she is a really cool girl indeed, her personality was very bright and cheery no doubt. She came into my work with her brotha and a friend, Im lookin at clothes and she comes from behind me "excuse me sir, can you help me" I trun around and am like "AW SNAP" hella loud but it was such a plesant suprise cuz I had been door wathcing for her, but the second I took my eyes off the door she came in. Her brotha is a really really cool guy, his hip-hop knowledge of both bay,south and all hip-hop in general form the short time I hollaed at him is better then 80% of this board. Audrey put me to work though, man she did, running round the store and junk like she was on a mission, she knew were junk was better then me, but she got a jean jacket which I helped to get for her, and she even helped a brotha out, see we get a dollar for every eddie bayer card app we process, so she got me my 18th card app in my month stint there, the first and olny one for yesterday in the entire store. Some fool tried to take my credit and junk but shoot I wasnt bout to have that, you mess with my money you mess with my life

But after that lil bit me her and her two boys went to the sandwitch shop near my work, she wanted to buy my food, but shoot that not the g-mile way to let a lady pick up the tab. So she can tell you that the whole "g-mile is smooth what not" persona I got on here is legit. Thoguht she was slick when she was buying her bro/friend food she ask me what sandwithc I want, I was like nope I aint tellin ya (but to tell the truth Audrey I didnt know yet hahah) but I was short .23 cents on a 5.23 purchse, so she hooked up .23 cents when the lady looked at me like I was crazy for bustin out a check card for .23 cents.

But yep so we chopped it up a lil, and just got to talkin. Audrey, your a really cool girl indeed and thanks for coming vist me(the first board member Ive met, other then Auton who doesnt count), now lets see if more people come and vist g~mile. But yep that was my exciting sunday best dsay Ive had in a while

So heres me and Audrey'!

if you didnt have a man I'd dare say Cosmo and Bommin had some comp. hahahahaha just playin y'all just playin'

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