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Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post

You guys are stuck on doctor wakefield. This is just one case of bollocks.
True but it is the case on which the whole anti-vac campaign is based. There is no other study that I am aware of supporting an autism/vaccine link.

Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post
Because of the title of the website. OK then, no need to discuss here anymore if you are not able to debate information i put here.
How can you seriously write that? How can say I did not address the info in your last two links I did but I will repost it below for clarity!!!!!!!

That is not to say that there is not interesting material in these articles. The first accurately reports that Japan banned the MMR in 1993 because the strain of Mumps used was too virulent.

The UK also banned this MMR but instead replaced it with a less virulent version and did not have the problems experienced in Japan you will note that in all cases the country responded by ensuring the populations safety, shows the controls work. No cover-up, no denial, no big pharma corruption - just fixing the problem as soon as its identified.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is this study

Which shows that the banning of MMR had no impact on autism rates. Again be clear MMR does not cause Autism.

The second article quotes the underlying study at the bottom here is the link It would be better if you could have posted this and or read it first as it would have made your post look more convincing and would have helped you understand the issue.

The basic premise is fair though a strain of mumps exists against which the vaccine is not effective unless a further booster is given. Based on this info, what is the best response?

a)Remove the vaccine and expose all members of the population to all possible strains of mumps (as well as other diseases).
b)Administer a booster to the population
c)Research the new strain, develop your vaccine and introduce it to the population.

I would suggest that b and c are the better alternatives. This is also the recommendation of your links paper which states

A more effective mumps vaccine or changes in vaccine policy <additional boosters> may be needed to avert future outbreaks and achieve the elimination of mumps.
Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post
INstead you are somewhat telling me that i am not critic enough and wise enough to see true info from wrong and you say i take this personally, not at all. I don't give a shit really what you think of me and my ideas.
It is not that you are not wise enough, it is that you do not understand the difference between the Scientific Method and Pseudoscience. You are not alone, this is probably true of most people.

Look you just posted a link to a site that is selling smelly oil for medicinal purpose!!!! Are you seriously going to back Aromatherapy over evidence-based medicine!! Remember when I said this.

It is true that pharmaceuticals seek to make money, but that does not make them evil! They are heavily regulated which means all the treatments they (and the health professionals) offer have to undergo two tests (hence evidence based medicine).

1. They have to demonstrate that they offer a health benefit greater than that of a similarly administered placebo

2. They have to understand the side effects and benefits of any treatment.

The word 'alternative' in front of a health pill or supplement means it has FAILED TEST 1 and has not had to undergo test 2.
I wonder what tests have been done to show that 'Young Living essential Oils' are effective and cause no harm?

Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post
To each their own. In my view , YOU are the one who is a bit sidetrack by just believing main stream media
We are going in circles here all through this thread I have tried to keep away from the media, I have posted links to the RAW Data the pure facts, no opinion, no interpretation just real data. How can you possibly accuse me of this? I have shown that vaccines do not cause autism, that medical controls / regulation are effective and that it is the pseudoscientific community who is profiting off of the vulnerability of individuals by getting them to switch from clearly ineffective treatments from clearly effective ones. I have spelled it out for you as simply as I know how I can do no more but hope some of this has stuck.

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