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Default Re: Why I dislike the new album

Originally Posted by vcurtains
wow build a bridge and get over it

It is my opinion and I'm sure others share it too.

You get the gold star for lamest cliche with that bridge shit kid.

Also that chemo comment was a low blow, just cause they do yoga
and are gray haired you wanna break bad on their appearances.
Wait 'til your half dead ass is all growed up and 40. You might end up
looking kinda haggard.

You're right though, you are entitled to your opinion. Just like I am.

I dig the Beasties getting up and saying something with gravity.
fuck all this played out bullshit people are rapping about these days.
I will always listen to them because of their unique blend of pure emcee
style, political commentary, crowd hyping, throwback rhyme style and
the fact that their relationship has never strained and the result is dope
album after dope album.

My beef with To The Five Boroughs is the production, the switch from
Caldato's production technique to more computer based work with Duro
is very inorganic and a huge split from their trademark sound from '98 and
earlier. 6 years was way too long to wait and the new album was an instant
classic, but I'd like to see a return to that style I described.

In regards to the quote in the Times from Kelefa Sanneh, that dude
should be blacklisted from rap reviews, he both talks and writes about it in a
very out-of-touch, mechanical manner, and never strikes me as a hip
hop fan.
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