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Default Re: Bonnaroo YouTube

Originally Posted by bigdan2276 View Post
Curious... what's the "Sabotage" edit during the 2009 Bonnaroo show I keep reading about?
I haven't watched the original version in about a decade, but during Yauch's bass solo, he messes up, and then Mike can't figure out when to come back in with the drums and the whole band grinds to a halt.

They pick it back up, and I think Ad-rock might mess up the vox, so they start it again.

It's a pretty glorious mess! And you can almost not tell by the way it's edited. They did a pretty good job cleaning it up, but you can till see Mke & Yauch looking at eachother like "eeeeeshhh"

and AdRock talks some smack about how "there are no backing loops up here. no iPods. just live musicians."

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