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Default Re: Vaccine Nation

I agree with BOb here.

By the way, i understand the difference between science and bullshit. There is scientific studies that show that vaccins is one of the factors that can create neurological damage, especially when young kiddos have 10 stuff jab in the arm in one time and that, when their immune system is not that strong.

The main problem, is too much at the same time with susbstances that are quite toxic. They are still figuring out the effect of vaccin on the human body. INjecting foreign animal susbtance in our human cells is likely to create some change and maybe not that positive.

You can say all you want, the fact of the matter is that pharmaceutical companies are business and their goal is profit . There is too much vaccins for just about anything. It has nothing to do with conspiracy but more about choosing what you want in your kid system , informing yourself and not having a blind faith in the health system.

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