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Default Re: Adam Yauch - 1964-2012

Originally Posted by pshabi View Post
Anyway, the beginning of Open Letter starts and when the beat drops I just threw up a peace sign, held it there, and began bobbing my head. It just felt right. It was my way of showing the boys that I understood the vibe of that track.

Yauch made eye contact with me and gave me that same nod you got Jeremy, the "Yauch Nod." Head kind of half-cocked, like he was agreeing with me.....acknowledging me, saying, "I feel ya man." Never forget it.
my yauch story also ties with open letter; i was front row for their perth round of big day out; i was obviously going nuts the whole show, rapping every line with. during a chorus, yauch was right in front of me, staring back and rapping the chorus with me with that signature 3-finger gesture pointed at me... i'll never forget that. fuckin' dope.

barry dawson is...
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2 and a half hours just to get to the beach???

Your poor cunt.

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