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Default Re: Adam Yauch - 1964-2012

Originally Posted by tpk View Post
i was watching ufc on fox last night and they opened up the broadcast by paying homage to yauch showing a picture and mentioning his involvement in sports etc.

they ended up playing a lot of beastie boys songs through out the whole night at the arena.

thought that was pretty cool of them since no one was probably expecting it.
Dude I was there, I'm not sure what you saw, but they put his name and picture up the big screens, then proceeded to play 3 consecutive beastie songs. They did before fox's broadcast(I was there for the early fights) it was definitely surprising but also real real cool of them to do.

Snl also paid tribute to him by showing a clip of their live performance of sure shot.

And not that this matters but the bar I was at on Friday had one of those digital juke boxes, I played every beastie song they had. Twice.


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