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Originally Posted by fucktopgirl View Post
This study don't say nothing really, the sampling might not be in all strata of the society. ONe sutdy like that mean nothing to me, where is the group of kids not exposed to toxics component?

When i talk about a study , it is to follow a sampling of kids from different social background and you follow them from the first day of life until , maybe 10-15 years old. Monitoring all the vaccins they have versu a sampling of kids who don't have vaccins. Then you collect info about their health and all that, just to see . And this would be an independant study.

It would be even better to follow them through adulthood. This is a rfeal freaking study.
I agree that one can always do more elaborate and expensive studies. The key here is that every study coming out seems to show the same thing - no link between vaccines or the ingredients of vaccines and neurological conditions like autism.

Heh, no worry, i don`t base anything on a sole other human being, but what i found interesting in her saying was:

1. The fact that the mandatory vaccins that a kids suppose to have in his-her life until like 10 yaers old had triple.

2. That no doctor is able to say precisely why.

3. That the shot are too numerous for a little kiddo who just came into this world. So unatural.

So, i don't really give a shit if that woman did dance and flash her boobs in her life at one time. I think she kinda make sense a bit with her questions.
Glad to hear it

A few points
1. I dont know if 1 is true or not - probably worth checking out from a non biased source.

2. This is obviously not true, try asking one!

3. Vaccines are unnatural. Nature's way is for disease to kill those without a natural immunity until resistent characteristics build up in the gene pool.

However, if we are going to try as a society to value each life and try to protect it with technology then so be it. It is a shame though because people are dying right now because of the anti-vaccination movement. This particular branch of pseudoscience has a genuine body count.

It is good that you have researched this, just make sure that the sources you use have rigorously followed the scientific method (hence use peer reviewed journals not youtube or google)

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