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Originally Posted by dave790 View Post

Yes I wonder how strict theyíll be on policing the no selfie rule. A pic would be nice, but itís not the be all and end all personally. Still, these days it takes what, 5 seconds to strike a pose and take a quick snap? Seems very tight. Iím tempted to sneak an old concert ticket into the book as a bookmark for them to sign too!

Thank you KP! Much appreciated. Are you still in Australia mate?

Itís easy to say now but I just knew Iíd score a ticket. Iím not usually overly fussed about meeting musicians, actors etc that I admire but the Beastie Boys have had a profound effect on my life. Not sure what else I can say to them really apart from that. It will be surreal!

Iím sorry to anyone who couldnít get tickets who has to put up with such unbridled excitement. Thereís no place in the world more deserving of such opportunities than the BBMB.
Watching and enjoying from afar; in Oz yup.

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