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Default a new day.... time to get high

Ive been working on a project for almost a year now. I put time, money and travel into something that may or may not happen. Yesterday I got approval from the State. 2000 mature plants, retail, wholesale and manufacturing. Only a few people know what I am doing, and I am not talking about it to many locals. So, I thought I would just share it in secret on the internet. SO, opening 4/20/2022 Ill be selling Herb in NM and the building I bought is on the TX border. I plan on selling a shit ton of weed to Texans. At an old age I am about to start a new adventure. I have been 100% commission based since 1996 and I am excited about getting out.


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Default Re: a new day.... time to get high

I know it's a huge business here in Washington state. Good luck to you!

Originally Posted by Echewta View Post
Bob is laying pipe. Thats about it.

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Default Re: a new day.... time to get high

that's wussup

ps. update on florida's legalization..


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