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Default Re: a rap


Originally Posted by ericg View Post
ok then.. moving right along...
just say the word and i'll put it in a song
it sounds so sweet.. it just goes on and on and on...

at the same damn time ish's goin off...
toke it up now... (some) strawberry cough
then get down at my high rise loft (cheese alert)

get my bearings
don't withhold my sharings
from me to you
binary in two's, make some pairings

a cup of tea
out at sea
admire it all, then go emcee

just a note
so i can cope
wrote it down/ so so heavy, but it will float
carry it far in my boat
circle the globe with much much hope

so much racism gettin' us bent
you know what i mean when i meant...
love for all, it was heaven sent
(put your glasses on/ take your glasses off, are you dmc or are you clark kent)
that's a tough decision!!!

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