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Old 06-14-2018, 10:35 PM
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Default Life is for Living (We're Living for 3)

"Living" - With a truly cruel remix of Beatle's "Within You, Without You"

(Mike D after Buddha chants to Within You/Without You opening)
Life is for living and we're living for 3....
MCA, Ad Rock and me, Mike D

(Ad Rock)
Two for today and we all move along
Strumming to the summer of a Beastie Boy Song
Sound is a beat and the beat is strong
From Brooklyn to LA...Biggie you say?
Can't we all get along?
Life is a glimpse of all we want to see and say
It's over for us all if we live in yesterdays
Tomorrow is not our sorrow
It's how we move to the beat
Like the road less traveled
Traveling around with bald feet

(Mike D)
Take the train....take the bus....don't fight - don't fuss
Live your life (this beautiful life) it's a must
So from three we have two
Tougher than leather he's the Spam I'm the glue
"My name is MCA and I still do what I please!" Ad Rock/MCA (it's true)
Beauty of life is it flows
Within you and without you....

Take the corner to the dime and the dime to the store
Buy a milk -buy a cookie they will only ask for more
Take your time with this life
Hug a hippie make a hooker the wife
When it's said and done
Over and out
Got the rhyme for a reason
No Doubt....No Doubt...No Doubt....

Losing someone you love sucks.....period. But, you only lose the biology they were....not the spirit they are. It's probably too late for me - but as life is continuous...I TRULY hope a generation will arrive that has NEW BBOY music in the June timeframe.....and while the BBoys consisted of MCA.....we only lost his biology....the spirit still lives on....in some fantastic world....I'll always love this site and those artistic minds who follow....you truly keep the spirit in this world in some crazy way...peace! This world would be a MUCH better place if we had MORE Beastie Boy music....new music....enriched.....political (a little) and poetic......only wish they wouldn't allow the art to die.....NOTHING in this universe dies.....the greatest stars in the universe explode and one might think they have "died"....but this explosion allows....NEW life to become.....new album should show a supernova and be titled: "Become".....
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Old 06-23-2018, 06:16 PM
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Default Re: Life is for Living (We're Living for 3)

word up
good things
bump cuz i'm sick of looking at the 9 yo crap


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Old 06-24-2018, 07:10 AM
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there it is
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Default Re: Life is for Living (We're Living for 3)

God Within
Scott Hardkiss ... R.I.P. ...
the song, "Daylight" on Delusions of Grandeur sounds a bit like the soundtrack to "Biggles" with the sound weapon when they're in the igloo ... for all you 80s kids out there...
Of course you have to love "Raincry" as well!

Just thought I'd connotate ... throw that out...

easy button


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