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Default Re: a rap

I donít have anything
Yet I have a lot
And you probably say nothing
Or you say B.S. a lot
But just for the record
I at least took a shot

More diluted than the next guy
Or nailed to a cross
I like to think itís you problem
But itís all my fault

I would say ive lost
But I cant except that
Because I havenít stopped

20 years later
I am still learning
but sometimes not
Ive been known not to learn from mistakes
And repeat them
But Ive learned a few things
and applied it and stopped

On top of that
Im probably a little psychotic
So I let the beat drop

Where is my mind?
Checking my head
All the time
I didnít like that take
So I hit rewind
I try to look forward
And never look back
But the past is always being put in my face
So I have to deal with my mess
Take care of my baggage
And even confess

You can try and forgive me
But I hope that you see
I was the flame
and you were the gas
We can all move on
Or we can regress

Its all about you
Its all about me
Its all about us
Its all about we
People are people
So why cant we be
Your so right
Im so wrong
I can deal with that
Now lets get along

It is what it is
It is what it was
Its all the same
I am you
You are me
And he is you
And there is a new name

Living in isolation
Living in the dark
Thatís the mistake
And I cant do it
Even though you see through me
I have to give the light my attention
And seek wisdom
Eyes that see
Ears that hear
I pray for this
I pray for this year


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Default Re: a rap

thanx for your contribution
add it to the resolution
that grants us all restitution
imagine a world without pollution
everything recycles ... a revolution
another rhyme to add the time !@#% them and their institution
they want to rewrite the constitution
they should get what they give... a public execution?

ok anyway
be the ball and swing today
da dee da 'hip hop hooray'


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Default Re: a rap

I am sorry ,
I did not understand
Why you were acting
Like such a bitch

I was drinking many beers
We were having fun
then you flipped the switch

It was going good
I misunderstood
And now it's all to late

I don’t want to fight
I know Im not right
But I just can't hate

I guess were lucky tonight
Because I don’t fight
If I did you
would see the light

But I take your shit
And say your legit
But fuck
it could be so right

So I came in the back door
You are thinking I scored
But I thought it was ours tonight

I am so dusted and I’m busted
Cheaper than a hot dog
with no mustard
Leaving me is in sight

But some dumb ass
Mother fucker
Some punck ass sucker
Raising my girls
You just won’t wonder

You'll wish I was there
Then you will hear
Then you will see
Your angle from God
That is me


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