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Default “Be Sweet” Sabotage inspiration

I debated if this was thread worthy, but what the hell… B-Boys news is pretty light.

I got into Japanese Breakfast recently and ended up watching a break down of her videos, and Sabotage is cited as an inspiration for the video for her song “Be Sweet” (first one they talk about at the link). Mainly just the concept of “have fun”, and rather than parody cop shows they went with an X-Files theme. Knowing this and watching the video it’s pretty clearly taking a huge amount of inspiration from Sabotage (while still having its own vibe), which is kinda cool to see in a music video released in 2021. I don’t get the feeling she’s necessarily a Beastie Boys fan, more like a fan of good music videos. I saw another interview where they say they saw it on a Spike Jonze DVD.

Be Sweet

If this is gonna be that kind of party, I'ma stick my dick in the mashed potatoes!

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Default Re: “Be Sweet” Sabotage inspiration

You should have thought twice...

Latin lingo baby funky bilingual funky bilingual
Yeah, funky bilingual
Latin lingo baby funky bilingual funky bilingual
It's the latin lingo!

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Default Re: “Be Sweet” Sabotage inspiration

choose, but choose wisely.

thank you adam adam & mike

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