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Default Sample ID

can anyone figure out this sample at around 2:09, it could possibly be a blend of several different tracks. kinda sounds like mike d



it's about time

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Default Re: Sample ID

It seems unable to be determined or confirmed.


These Reddit threads keep referring back to one another, and someone posited it was a mix of several tracks including So Whatcha Want, BBoys…Freak Freak, and/or Here’s a Little Something For Ya.



https://www.reddit.com/r/tvgirl/comm... mf&context=3

I don’t hear any of those original songs in that track. If anything, my brain hears “say it” but I just happen to be in the camp of I don’t think it’s a Beastie Boys sample at all.

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Default Re: Sample ID

Maybe "I said Damn" from B-Boys in the Cut.
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