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Default Malibu

Mike D is in the midst of those wild fires...hope heís not effected.

thank you Adam.

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Default Re: Malibu

Yeah I was watching the local news and they said that entire streets were lost in Point Dume. Where Mike lives. Hope his house is ok and everybody is safe. It looked bad though.

It's weird. You will see whole neighborhoods burned, and then there will be one or two homes that just got lucky and didn't burn. Completely unpredictable.
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Default Re: Malibu

I recently started to follow Tamra IG feed, it seems everything is fine

*We gonna party for the muther fucking right to fight*

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Default Re: Malibu

Originally Posted by laura View Post
I recently started to follow Tamra IG feed, it seems everything is fine
Uh arenít they separated?

Everlastís house has burnt down..guess it was a House of Pain.

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