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Default Getting Rid of Some Vinyl

Hey guys. So I know I post a lot on here about various versions of LPs and singles, but that's because I've been rounding out my collection recently and I think I'm at a place where I have all the Beastie releases that I want.

I have, however, ended up with a few duplicates and things I don't really want or need any more. Nothing rare or stuff that most collectors would be interested in. I'm trying to unload:

Hello Nasty (2009 Remaster: near mint)
Ill Communication (2009 Remaster: near mint)
Check Your Head (2009 Remaster: near mint)
Check Your Head (1998 Reissue: near mint)
Check Your Head (1992 Original: Very Good, sleeve is Good+)
Paul's Boutique (1998 Reissue: near mint)
Licensed to Ill (2000 European Union numbered reissue: near mint)

I've listed all these on Discogs, but that can be a drag and often takes forever to move stuff. Anyway, if anyone is interested, send me a PM and we can figure it out. I'm not trying to get rich obviously, just make space on my shelf.

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