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Cool This place is a rock.

I keep coming back and it's still here, after all these years. One day, when we're all old as fuck, and we've lived our lives, and done all that there is to do, we'll all come back here. Until then, I'll be around, dropping by every half-decade or so, just to keep the flame alive.
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Default Re: This place is a rock.

i want to get buried here

Originally Posted by Big Gus
The friendship ended when I wiped my arse on his pillow.
Originally Posted by Pres Zount
I don't really love you! Lyman zerga is on my ignore list, but you don't deserve it, you swine!

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Default Re: This place is a rock.

So This Is What I've Got To Say To You All
Be True To Yourself And You Will Never Fall

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Default Re: This place is a rock.

Oh hey tracky!

Originally Posted by lolkat View Post
your mom,
amongst the azalea bushes.

the wind cuts through the brush like a pencil-dick.
teardrops on my ballsack.

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Default Re: This place is a rock.

And I logged in today just to see how are things around here. This place will live forever indeed.

I'm not even supposed to be here today!

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