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Jim Shearer's boy Prof D passed....RIP

thank you Adam.

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Default Re: ...

Where did you see this?

Edit: NM. Work blocks Twitter. Looked it up on my phone.

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Default Re: ...

Prof D as MCA in SWWR:

Prof's Last Appearance on The Brouhaha:

Prof reppin' Lorne Greene at the Vegas $2 Bill Show:

...and Prof impersonating a former Pittsburgh Pirates prospect (whose career was sabotaged by Barry Bonds):

RIP Prof D.
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Default Re: ...

Thoughts and prayers! RIP

Thank You Adam Yauch

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Default Re: ...

WOW I am so sad.

I'll never turn back 'cause that's the way I've got to live.....


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Default Re: ...

RIP Prof D. This makes me so sad

Mustn't forget this treasure trove ...


Cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.

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