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Default Get well soon, Biz Markie!!

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Default Re: Get well soon, Biz Markie!!

youre the biz markie nothin can stop you from doin what you gotta do big ups and get well soon we're thinkin boutcha praying for the best! cuz you my man ar3 the best!


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Default Re: Get well soon, Biz Markie!!

You guys remember years ago when Biz was on that celebrity weight loss reality TV show? I barely remember it, but I recall one part where their coaches told them to start drinking some kind of reduced calorie milk (maybe just low fat milk) in their cereal. Biz showed up for a weigh in and said he couldn't find any at the store, so he started eating his cereal with water.

Any man who can bring himself to eat cereal with water is capable of anything. The Biz is gonna be just fine.
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