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Default I miss this place SO much.

I remember being at my old job, and this site was one of the browsers that was open for all 8 hours of my workday. New threads being created every hour or so. People posting pics pretty much every day.

Now I come here every 6 months, only to see nothing new has been posted.

It's depressing AF.
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Default Re: I miss this place SO much.

Yes, it is depressing. It was a fantastic community. We are all getting old.

Like the sands of time...

Originally Posted by lolkat View Post
your mom,
amongst the azalea bushes.

the wind cuts through the brush like a pencil-dick.
teardrops on my ballsack.

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Default Re: I miss this place SO much.

I too would like to express my fondness for this particular community.

Shout at the Devil!

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Default Re: I miss this place SO much.

Boogie Board

Latin lingo baby funky bilingual funky bilingual
Yeah, funky bilingual
Latin lingo baby funky bilingual funky bilingual
It's the latin lingo!

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Default Re: I miss this place SO much.


I miss it

So I go to work

Trim plants all day then Go home

I use to look for weed, now I clean it out of my clothes

I made my niece cry this Christmas. I complained about something

Happy new year


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