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Default WM + Vape, secular vs …


New Mexico had just made smoking inside Ihope and Chilis illegal.

No longer was there a smoking and/or non smoking area. All non smoking

Eventually….. years later my local poker room also went non smoking

I was happy as I had seen several pregnant servers in a smoking room and I just did not like it

Now, I stated smoking at an early age


I had wanted to learn about …. And was doing well and played golf at the poker rooms course

Someway I was playing with this guy from a Tobacco company and I think I recall the initials of that company being WM

I was enjoying myself, hitting a few nice shots, deep in beer and probably some herb

Anyway, I was like yo, can’t smoke at Chilis anymore

Can’t smoke at ihop

He said

We got JuL, standby and watch

So, I say that was 2007-2008


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