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ericg 03-30-2021 10:36 AM

US for life
i know it's late, but i just saw Ben Stiller advocating life with UNHCR for refugees without homes, their health, or much hope.. hopefully they get help sooner than later..!!!
besides the few that actually do help... where is the US gov mandate that calls to action environmental groups that help internationally with wells for clean water, agriculture.. food, and new tech and life for dying people?!?!? they're political with own agendas or nonexistent. wars can't be won with hate and killing. Love and peace and a better life wins and stops wars! it's callled karma. what we spent on destruction we've caused we couldve rebuilt a paradise the world over. WTF
check this out!!!
bush didn't even evacuate women and children before he bombed the place.. WE even bombed a childrens school because they were learning islam. who obeys these orders like they are good? who elects these mass murderers?! good intentions lead to hell apparently here.. and our example to the rest of the world is evil and pathetic. it's time to step up and take it back... i say we go back and investigate 911 and bring justice to the world... then go from there. think of the drastic change for good people and ideas! instead of having a monopoly on polluting everything, a get out of jail free card, and disappearing out of hte eyes of the bought bs media, bush and administration should go to jail for life and really the whole congress needs consideration and a head check for these crimes they still sit by and watch play out. just like so many americans. so many are guilty of remission regarding 911 aftermath just to say the least.. there's so much more...

ericg 03-30-2021 12:44 PM

it's like a math problem... if you don't do the equation right from the beginning the answer will be wrong.
i say go back to 911 but you know kennedy's assasination should come to light as well... really, not a fucking movie that solves it. how fucking stupid hollywood.

oh and here's a note: i just heard elon musk gave like 30 mill donation to a town. why can't rich people buy and donate a benign grid in each city.. all solar and state of art tech. And schools need to get a curriculum that's not fucking making kids stupid. fuck edison and the rockefellers...

i know and would be interested in what material musk is teaching his kids!!!

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