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abbott 04-29-2022 09:28 AM

Your post didn't follow our Community Standards
so I got blocked on facebook for 3 days because I shared a picture of me to this BB Fan page. Anyway, the picture of me working at my NM business is still up on my personal page.

I would like to acknowledge that I need to respect the rules and authority of the Beastie Boys fan pages. Also, I am just here because of the beastie boys, so fuck you my man

Also, Facebook said if I break community standards one more time I will be permanently deleted. Cant wait for that, sounds like fun.

abbott 04-30-2022 07:14 AM

Re: Your post didn't follow our Community Standards
When I am a dick
Sometimes I drink to much
And make you cry
And when im a dick
Sometimes I lie
And when Im a dick
I think about you
When im a dick
You take it is a personal attack
But when Im a dick
Its got nothin to do with you
When Im a dick
Things I say are not true.
When Im a dick
Im happy to fight
When Im a dick
Step up and expose
I might ignite
When Im a dick
I hate the time cause I want to be next to you
When Im a dick
Im alone trying to get back to true

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