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WesleyOHSnaps! 05-17-2021 11:18 AM

Latest Echo Chamber
On the latest ep Mike D was talking with Shabaka Hutchings (Sons of Kermit) about the pandemic and being more in the studios etc etc. but Mike agreeed with him and said yeah thatís what weíve been doing, recording and then at the end of the ep his second guest Carlos Nino mentioned recording stuff in Mikeís studio for his (Carlos Ninos) next album or your next album (Mikeís).

I donít know if itís beastie related or some solo stuff or some shit heís doing with his kids but it sounds like Mike D has something in the works.

balohna 05-18-2021 12:33 AM

Re: Latest Echo Chamber
Thanks for the report, Iíll have to check that out.

Would be amazing if itís something Mike or Mike and Adam driven. A new album made by the surviving Beastie Boys with some key guests could be great. I donít even care if they rap. Give me that idea they had 15 years ago where they just play/produce and bring on other artists to do vocals.

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