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flatbusted 11-18-2003 02:28 PM


Originally posted by little j
No shit. Yet another boring picture of you.

Randetica 11-18-2003 03:48 PM

^ !!

BeastieGuy 11-18-2003 04:18 PM


Originally posted by damaja
Hey, monkey fucks. This is the internet. ITS THE INTERNET! Don't get all gay and faggot like(no offense to gay and faggot people) just because someone puts some random pics in this thread. You know why? ITS THE INTERNET, THATS WHY!

Oh no, some new person doesn't conform to our very complex internet hierarchy, quick, better get the resident bitches to stake their turf and sort out the intruder. You know who I am talking about, and you know I make sense, so don't try to deny that. Yeah, sure you're all the best, just some are a little less good then some others.

If this post was a band it would be Slayer.:D

orboxity 11-18-2003 04:37 PM


Originally posted by Señor Stino
funny one :-) (no offense to mss heiress)

i kind off understand why the new kid should post kitten pics in here, but to go berserk like that is a bit weird, even for me

i dont know how to post pics of myself in this thread, so i dont , but then i dont go posting pictures of hedgedogs or my favorite chewing gum,

okay thats on you, but you you also arent gonna continue to argue with me about something you cant a: put a stop too or b: have no control over. and if your referring to me acting all beserk er whatever, if you feel that a person speaking thier mind is beserk then thats on you. i didnt start making a really big deal about it till certain people kept fueling the flames and being insulting. i stated my mind without insulting anyone.... then i get a bunch of morons who dont have a valid argument result in throwing out insults...and wedging the poles they have even farther up their ass's.

im not arguning about a this stupid picture thing anymore...because this whole thing and the "rules" behind it, is absoluty asinine and elementary...just look at some of the responses some people have posted.

Main Entry: dis·crim·i·na·tion
Pronunciation: dis-"kri-m&-'nA-sh&n
Function: noun
Date: 1648
1 a : the act of discriminating b : the process by which two stimuli differing in some aspect are responded to differently
2 : the quality or power of finely distinguishing
3 a : the act, practice, or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually b : prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment <racial discrimination>
synonym see DISCERNMENT
- dis·crim·i·na·tion·al /-shn&l, -sh&-n&l/ adjective

Randetica 11-18-2003 05:11 PM

so if you look in your real family album there are no pictures of the beasties etc, right?
and this is nothing else but an e-family album

orboxity 11-18-2003 05:14 PM

of course theres pictures of the beasties, including many other things that I enjoy

orboxity 11-18-2003 05:16 PM

seems like a big fat power narcissistic...egotistical power trip to me

Randetica 11-18-2003 05:17 PM

sorry the beasties arent really a part of your family
truth hurts

orboxity 11-18-2003 05:19 PM

of course they arent, but they are a part of me on a music level. they dont have to be a part of my family for me to have a photo of them music is influential just as much as family is.

orboxity 11-18-2003 05:22 PM

and if you like it or not since this "family album" is on the beastie message boards they are apart of the family

Randetica 11-18-2003 05:42 PM

just ban yourself

orboxity 11-18-2003 05:44 PM

oooooh Im so instulted

go fuck yourself

orboxity 11-18-2003 05:47 PM

see thats my point once i state my case you cant think of a better or valid response/argument then "ban yourself" and you arent the only one responding that way.

if you disagree then fine disagree, but because i actually might make some sort of sense, you cant think of anything better to say.

Randetica 11-18-2003 06:17 PM

god i hate newbies

orboxity 11-18-2003 06:20 PM

wow your cool

orboxity 11-18-2003 06:21 PM

god this is an internet message board...get over yourself

Randetica 11-18-2003 06:23 PM

yeah so stop whining

orboxity 11-18-2003 06:24 PM

im not whining im sticking up for myself, theres a difference asshole

Randetica 11-18-2003 06:30 PM

why are you calling me asshole? dont forget this is just the internet

get over yourself ;)

orboxity 11-18-2003 06:32 PM

i am over myself

im just not gonna sit here and be treated like a two year old....dont do this dont do that, stop whining blah blah blha


Randetica 11-18-2003 06:36 PM

^ wah wah waaaah

orboxity 11-18-2003 06:39 PM

hey why not check out some of the other people here whining...notice hiress or whatever the hell her name is?


if she wasnt kidding then that sounds a hell of a lot worse then anything I've ever said here

orboxity 11-18-2003 06:40 PM

well, with the exception of the responses to people disrespecting me.

Randetica 11-18-2003 06:44 PM

i understand heiress
you would be pissed if you made a beastie boys pictures thread and people would post pictures of themselves
and dont say no cause that wouldnt be true

orboxity 11-18-2003 06:44 PM

i have no problem with people disagreeing, i have a problem with people disrespecting and demeaning me, or my reasons behind doing things.

Echewta 11-18-2003 06:45 PM


Randetica 11-18-2003 06:49 PM


Originally posted by orboxity
i have no problem with people disagreeing, i have a problem with people disrespecting and demeaning me, or my reasons behind doing things.
then leave

orboxity 11-18-2003 06:49 PM

thats why i wouldnt bother even posting something like that, especialy since i have no control of what other people do
and she can express herself and disagree with me without whing or being disrespectful... i wasnt being disrespectful to her till after she said anything to me and if she really thought i was disrespecting me prior to her nasty resopnse to me the she needs serious help.

and personaly, when it comes to message boards, so long as no one is doing anything to try and hurt me, I dont give a fuck what anyone does

....if you want to have a family album start a website with all the pics of the people there

orboxity 11-18-2003 06:53 PM


Originally posted by Randetica
then leave
why should i leave im not doing anything wrong leave

Randetica 11-18-2003 07:00 PM

haha thanks for the respect

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