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Default Let this be a lesson to yas

If you drink, make sure that you've eaten prior or during. Bleh.

I went to see Clutch on Friday, actually ditched work for the show since it started at 7pm and didn't have a chance to eat cause I was running late for it and found out about the show at the last minute.

Well, I got there, the first band played and hmmm. They were called Beatallica- imagine Metallica doing Beatle's cover tunes such as "Chtulu wants you". I wasn't into them really, pretty much a novelty act if you ask me. So, I decided to drink during their show. Still nothing to eat.

About 8 pints down the hatch. Another band got on, didn't really know them much so, I spent their show drinking.

Eh, I think I was at 14 pints, still no food. Clutch came on, freakin sounded the best. I drank probably 4 more pints. Jammed out, don't remember leaving the club and went to an afterhours party. Don't remember the afterhours party at all....

I ended up waking up on a sidewalk somewhere at 7am. Brushed myself off, looked at my watch, patted myself down to make sure nothing was lost and took a cab home.

I guess this could fall under the "going to gigs alone" catagory too because this probably wouldn't have happened if my pals were going with me. But for certain, I wouldn't have gotten blacked out like such with some grub in my gut.

Wait, didn't Bob pass out on a sidewalk too?

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