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Default Re: Unlocking iPhones.....

Originally Posted by checkyourprez View Post
a bit defensive about your criminal past hardnox?

either way its whatever, serious or a joke you're not that person anymore, shouldn't be any skin off your back.
Maybe I am. I just get tired of people not being able to let shit go. The past is that past and that's it. It's gone. For good. Do you think Teh's the only one I hear this from? I get it from all sides...from new friends about who I used to be....from old acquaintances about who I've become....etc. Ironically, I actually come online to get away from some of the bullshit.

Originally Posted by camo View Post
I am camo you silly little fuck, who are you talking to?
Originally Posted by checkyourprez View Post
Bob, why are you so scared of shitting yourself?
Originally Posted by kaiser soze View Post
Get your creampie on without any fears

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