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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

so its now up to me.

I am no remixer, but I did it. :-) I am a guitarist from germany, and I am a teacher, mostly guitar and maths.

since now there are 36 years gone, when I got my first electric guitar. not exactly in the summer of 69 like Bryan Adams, but in the winter of 69. and now you know, that I am 49 years old. and in my opinion does age not really matter.

my love always was the music, I played blues, rock, hard-rock, a little bit classic and since a couple of years I work on electronic music, from ambient to this here ... remixes.

there is no genre that I cannot find interesting in some oder many aspects.

my work is collected on the website of my netlabel
where you can get an idea, of waht I am doing the whole day long. :-)

there you can find the BB-remixes too. this were my first remixes, and i finished it with help from a good friend of mine, subspace, who is himself a goa-trancer and in the same age as me but open-minded (like me :-)) enough, to be interested in everything what seems to be a good idea. :-)

wolud like you all to visit my website, and tell me your opinion.

so keep on rapping, rocking, rolling and tumbling or whatever is fun and ends on -ing ... :-))

greetings from germany, WhiteAxxxe
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