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Default Re: Gluten free for a year

Originally Posted by Dorothy Wood View Post
Just wanted to defend gluten free eating kinda because so many people are annoyed by it. I generally try to keep it to myself because who cares, it's my body. I can't afford to get the testing done to see if I'm celiac, and I don't really think I am, because I don't get hella sick if I accidentally eat some gluten. I do, however, immediately need to poop and/or have diarrhea the next day. Anyway,

Here are benefits I have reaped:
greatly reduced respiratory allergies, like almost none (they were bad my whole life previously)
no more itchy legs (I used to have really itchy legs)
better skin tone
gloriously healthy poops (they were more like 6/10 before, now 9.5/10)
reduction in tendonitis pain
better mood overall
more energy
reduced appetite (because I'm absorbing more nutrients perhaps?)

I did lose about 20 pounds without doing anything else but eliminating gluten, but I mostly just started because my mom dared me.

Also all the food I eat tastes great and I eat better tasting food than I ever have before. Sometimes I miss real pizza, but it's not worth it to me to eat it. I eat fake pizza and that's still better tasting than whatever 7-11 frozen pizza I'd get and mow down at 2 a.m.

ok that's it. I recommend it if your guts seem weird and you can't figure out why or if your respiratory allergies are driving you insane. It really worked for me and my mom too, and some other people I know who are very nice.

what specific foods did you stop eating?

thank you Adam.

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