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Default Re: New Colored Vinyl Reissues

I think KRM is gonna get their just due on how well they did with shipping on time. I got two of the 4 orders I placed from the EU store delivered on time so congratulations to my Anglo-saxon KRM brothers from across the pond for delivering one half of the time. That by far exceeds the performance of the North American branch which delivered 0% on time. In the defense of my continental United States brethren, they did manage to send out an message on facebook (but not a message to my email from where I placed the order) the day of the release explaining that the pressing plant fucked up and they won't ship until next Wednesday.

I feel pretty good about that, because even though I ordered $1500 worth of merchandise from KRM, they have a really good excuse "production problem at the pressing plant".

The most fantastic part of it all is that for a second time (HSCP2 release) I get to watch retailers sell the shit I ordered. There will undoubtedly be youtube unboxing videos of the shit I ordered (35 copies altogether with only Amazon delivering the complete order on time).

Kings Road Merch can suck a dick. I took time off to receive and catalog orders. Now, I'm just watching shit go by like a kinda sorta fan.

Thats all.

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