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Talking Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

Hi - I may not be quite the newest but I am probably the oldest at 48.

Musically I am a drummer and have been playing for five years. I am in two band one of which is here and is just a covers band really.

The other one also does covers but far more interesting ones - Beyonce, Deee Lite, Britney, Motown, Destiny's Child, some James Bond and we try and get samples (played live) in (eg Apache in Toxic and Billie Jean in Bootylicious) all the songs we do.

It all started with The Roots who turned me into a hip hop head and a growing love for beat makers and producers. My faves are J Dilla, DJ Premier, Just Blaze, Timbaland, Pete Rock and The Ummah (ATCQ).

In amongst all that, I discovered Paul's Boutique and loved it. Its up there with Pet Sounds et al. The whole art of sampling just fascinates me.

I wanted to have a go and got myself an MPC 500 back in Nov 2007 and recently upgraded to an MPC 2500 cos I was having so much fun.

Software wise I have been using Garageband which is dead easy to use but I have just (this weekend) started on Ableton Live.

No keyboards (although I have one) but occasionally I will play live drums on some of my tracks to adds a human feel.

It a tough learning experience and I am grateful to all you who have given feedback and stuff.

Hey, but I am having fun, so much fun so check out some of my stuff - link just down to the right



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