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Default Re: Quasar doing "wonderwall"

Originally Posted by Kid Presentable View Post
I wonder if it’s not actually 1998 tho. Unless the costumes got dusted off twice.
Yeah, weird that the Quasar Japan poster ( only lists the other two Japanese shows. It's not a stretch to think that they played there again in 1998 around the time of shooting the Intergalactic video - would make more sense of the random shorter setlist too (and Wonderwall inclusion).

On the other hand, Beastiemania is rarely wrong and the show fits the timeline. I wonder if they thought there and then, hmmm, we could use these outfits for our comeback video!

In any case those Quasar shows look insane. To be on that Sydney harbour boat at a Beasties hardcore show with them in those outfits, stuff of dreams.

Does anyone have these bootlegs?

DIAMOND: He wishes he could be here right now. So do we.

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