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Cool Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?


. . . in the name of ZEN . . . -aka- ZEN_SOLO

. . . in the name of ZEN . . . is an ever-evolving PC-based studio
project with long, gnarly roots boring deeply into the core of what
it means to be a modern solo hybrid artist . . . Weaving seamlesly
through what his whim affords him, . . . in the name of ZEN . . .
emits from the soothing multi-genre resonance of HSf Studios' rising
audio engineer-in-residence, ZEN_SOLO . . .

After a short stint as the drumkit ninja for short-lived projects in small
Saskatchewan towns, focus was turned to efforts that best express
his generally mis-recieved and disregarded musical directions. . . . .

Having allready dabbled in the emerging Digital Audio Workstation
environment since 1999, it only seemed too logical to begin the
multi-role task of founding the shoestring-budgeted "HSf Studios"
in an effort to create the overdue opprotunities to work on his
own personal creative processes in an un-homogeonized, pure,
and free-flowing manner. . . .

In recent years, the guitar and keyboard have also become semi-fluent
languages on the palatte. In fact, many amazing, nearly-complete guitar
works lay frozen in dormancy, waiting to strike the next prey that fails to
recognize the metals beneath the surface . . . . . . Oooooo spooky, eh?

Some of these efforts, have broken the tides of creation only to be
warehoused on digits for distribution and consumed whilst decorating
eccentric tree forts and building funny hats. . . . . . . . . .


ZEN_SOLO - Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

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