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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

My name is nYgel (real name is nigel, stuck a 'y' in there cuz it looked cool) and I live in a small town in central Indiana.
I started mixin in late 03' to little success due to i had no funking idea wat i was doing (i was 13!). Tempos were off big time. I finally got the tempo issues right in my 'first' (in my mind) remix Negotiation Limerick Fyle . I owe alot to Uru-Nitro who helped me start mixing and was a good friend throughout my whole beginning stages. [Thanks Uru] I will be 16 in exactly one month.
I have horrible hosting problems cuz my original host just ran away and I no longer can get in contact with him, powow sucks, acidplanet sucks, soundclick sucks, and this really nice guy hooked me up with my own website but shit.. for some reason i can't get it to work at all!
My most recent venture has been Hello Johnny, I took songs from Johnny Cash and fused them with the instrumentals from Hello Nasty and the breaks used on tour during the HN era.

My favorite track has to be Broken Turntable. I take at least some credit from the releasing of the acapellas recently becuz of this. Towards the bottom I think, and to the next page, I forget when I ask him to release them. Yauch said he liked the remix so that meant alot too.

Remix -nYgel - Broken Turntable
Thread - Leave a comment please!


p.s. no double posts in this thread.. to keep it simple, ya know?

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