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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

The Mighty Ajax...or Skot1 or Skot Rockit (Many aliases due to the old graffiti writer in me)

I'm the turntablist for Grammy-nominated band Liquid Soul (Acid Jazz band from Chicago) not signed or commited to them, still have my freedom (which has it's pros & cons). I don't do every gig now that I'm a father but I'm always on their records. Just finished the new album and Dj Logic is on it too.

Started rhyming and scratching in '85 and started playing instruments after "CYH" came out. I play all of my stuff now...make them sound like samples from old records. Now I just want to concentrate on remixing...might start rhyming again. New rap is killing me. Some one needs to take a stand.

Love the Beasties, always have. Their management was interested in a rock-rap band I was the frontman for. Didn't pan out, don't know what happened.
I never understood the business side of it but I'm still trying to get a deal or something better than my 9 to 5.

My favorite B-Boy remix I've done is "Negotiation Limerick File"
but the new stuff is getting better. You decide
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