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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

My name's Duncan, and I live in ontario in canada. I'm in grade 9, I've got a small brother and a dog. And a cat. All for musical inspiration.

I got a job at my grannies shop a couple of years ago makin 6 bucks an hour sweepin and foldin boxes and the like in order to save up for my lil iBook and my turntables, microphones and other various expensive stuff. I used to make a lot of tracks with my friends just dickin around, but after seein some real dj's live like KidKoala and watchin DJ Shadow DVD's I figured it was time to actually do something with this crap. I really want to get into recording and producing. Some day...

I also just started playin bass with this hideous little dude who could very well end up being the next Jimmy Paige. He's nuts.

My only mix so far.

peace dudes

Those who like it, like it alot.
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