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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

DJ John here! (Isn't that original - lol)
I've been around. In fact, some say I'm old. (older than djBC who posted above.) I was 16 when the Beastie Boys released Licensed To Ill. Like a few of us on here, I've had my share of sucess and amateur exposure in the remix biz. My area of expertise are Mash-Ups (Blends) and specifically Mash-Up Medleys (sorta like megamixes). My knowledge of music is broad, fairly deep and reaches back before time began. I was deep in the remix biz back in the late 80's. My remixes today incorporate all genres and typically span multiple decades (classic rock and old school hip hop are my favs to fuse together.)

My website and remixes are HERE at

DJ John's website

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