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Default Re: Unlocking iPhones.....

Originally Posted by like2_drink View Post
You aware it voids the warranty incase you get water damage,etc? I rock the BB steez
Yeah, warranty goes out the window. That much I do know. That's why I'm trying to get as much info on this as I can before I do anything, if I do anything at all.

Here's the deal....I don't have an iPhone but I'm thinking about getting one, an older one. iPhone 3 16 gb. I don't care about the iPhone 4 or 4s or 5. I don't need a phone to do all that shit. A 3 is good enough for what I do regarding work and so forth. Problem is, I don't want to get back into another contract. Wife and I just left Sprint a few months back because they were bending us over ever single month. Got tired of that shit. Had to leave. We went to Cricket. Combined we pay $115 a month....every single month (it's constant, never some random number like it was with Sprint) for unlimited talk, text and web and it's great. Problem is we had to trade in our Sprint phones for Cricket phones. We went with Sanyo Zio. I like the android OS but the phones themselves suck ass. I can't stand them.

What were thinking of doing do is getting unlocked iPhones and installing prepaid SIM cards. Fuck signing anymore contracts. So, we were trying to decide whether we wanted to buy iPhone 3's already unlocked (which is unbelievably expensive) or just buy regular iPhone 3's and try to unlock them ourselves (which is unbelievably risky if you don't know what the fuck you're doing and I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.)

So I thought I would throw the question up here and see what people knew about.

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I am camo you silly little fuck, who are you talking to?
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