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Default Re: MCA Tributes

when Jimmy Fallon introduces The Roots on Fridays monologue, Questlove takes MCA's "respect to women" verse from Sure Shot and finishes with "MCA Rest in Peace... the sure shot" at the 4:00 mark


it's been so hard to keep up with all the links and news stories, I've been online the last few days rather than tuning in to broadcast and cable outlets. I hear they play the So Whatcha want Clip and honor Yauch but I haven't seen the whole thing yet.

edit: around the 13:00 mark when they come back from break Jimmy adds one more "Thank You" to his list, holding tears back and simply said "I love him"

and of course the Roots play Beastie Boys in and out of all commercial breaks.

Long Burn The Fire. Rest In Peace Adam.

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