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Default Re: So.. who are you remixers anyway?

Name's John... been into music production since back when the Roland Juno was hawt. 35 years old, graphic designer out of Larchmont, NY (30 minutes to NYC).

Use Logic Pro 7, lotsa plug-ins. I'm a drummer, percussionist and keyboard player. Lived in Africa for 10 years, parents worked for UNICEF... played with a few bands while in Rwanda (before it went to hell... peace to freinds that didn't make it). Learned a lot about syncopation and what makes a groove "groove".

Into D&B, reggae... wish new hip hop would disappear. Took a challenge from a freind, and mimicked a popular rap tune in 3 hours. Where'd the talent and ingenuity go? It's not hip hop anymore... it's hip POP. Meh.

Anyway, been remixing a bunch of the Beastie acapellas, but only got one in MP3 format, which I actually did a few years ago. Bass is a little heavy, but I only have earphones right now, the apartment I own isn't condusive to playing monitor speakers loudly. That's what my car is for... 4 10"s with 1k watts, 300 watts bi-amped to each side up front. makes your arm hair move. Nothin' sounds quite like an 8...0...8.

Will get more up when time allows... too many real world bill-paying work going on right now...
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